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Ed Reedholm
Edwin Reedholm Associates, LLC

Edwin Reedholm Associates LLC is a specialized healthcare agency representing national and international Leadership Development professionals.

Our organizational experts can provide keynote addresses, workshops and webinars for your annual conferences or executive team meetings.

Do you need a customized leadership optimization initiative? Our successful team of professionals will deliver an outstanding return on your investment. Contact us.

Ed Reedholm: After obtaining degrees in Biology and Medical Zoology and conducting research on infectious diseases around the Equator, Ed turned to a business career, working in healthcare, financial services and leadership development.  He has owned several companies along the way. When away from his desk, he enjoys golf, travel and adding to his collection of art deco period antiques.

Contact Us:

+1 719-571-9560 Office
+1 719-963-1440 Mobile
810 Lyra Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 80906

Charities we support:
The Nature Conservancy
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