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Your organization is facing greater stress than ever before. Budgets are extremely limited. Regulation is unrelenting.
How do you achieve your required metrics?

You will make leadership development investments. How do you choose from hundreds of vendors, all making appealing promises?

Our small team of professionals may be your solution.
This successful team is experienced, focused and oriented toward your leadership goals.

You can afford us. Ask our clients. Test us.
Wendy Mack, M.S.
Michael West, Ph.D.
John McGuire, Ph.D.
Gayle Magee, M.A.
Paul Seymour, Ph.D.
Leading Change and Employee Alignment
Healthcare Leadership and Patient Outcomes
Transforming Leadership Culture
Executive Leadership and a Coaching Culture
Organizational Trust in Healthcare Centers
Wendy is a national expert in leading change in organizations. Today adaptation to change is paramount. more
Mike’s large-scale research demonstrates direct correlations between a hospital’s leadership and patient mortality rates. more
John designs custom culture initiatives in large organizations. A positive workforce culture is the prerequisite of a superior organization. more
Gayle is an expert on team coaching in large organizations. Your nurses and physicians will learn to be coaching-centric leaders. more
Paul can teach you to reduce employee conflict in your organization. A culture of trust will maximize your working teams. more
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